Find a Property

Our Team of Trusted 1031 Exchange Lawyers and Real Estate Brokers Will Help You Find A Replacement Property.

Our Process

We will search the market and show you available properties that meet your criteria. We will discuss each available alternative property with you and help you to better understand each opportunity. We will provide you with financial models showing what return you can expect, we will review leases and marketing materials to uncover legal issues to discuss with you. And finally, we will help you contract to purchase properties keeping 1031 Exchange requirements in mind.

Think of us as your Real Estate Broker, Lawyer, and Investment Adviser, all in one!

Step 1:


We learn about your preferences. We discuss different types of assets (i.e. retail, residential, office, industrial). We talk about the risks involved in purchasing each different type of asset. We learn about your location preference. Finally, we try to understand what yield you wish to receive and how much cash flow you will need.

Step 2:

Search Properties

We are real estate brokers and have access to all the properties currently available for sale. We use the information that we have learned from you in step one to produce comprehensive lists of properties for you. These may include retail (such as drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping centers, restaurants, specialty retailers, and entertainment venues), office, multifamily residential, and industrial. We will provide you with lists of tenants, locations, lease terms, the rate of return on each asset.

Step 3:

Discuss Properties

After you have had the chance to review lists of available properties, we will help you narrow down the list to just the properties that you wish to pursue. We will gather more information, review leases if they are available, discuss the pros and cons of each property with you, produce detailed financial information showing you what kind of return you can expect, and help you select between properties. It is our goal to be unbiased in this process. We want to give you all of the tools and provide you with all of the education you need to understand each deal, and then we want you to make the decisions. We don't ever want you to feel pressured into selecting a particular property. Our goal is to get you the very best 1031 Replacement Property that meets your needs.

Step 4:

Sign Contracts

Finally, we help you contract to purchase your selected property or properties. We are both lawyers, experts in 1031 Exchanges, and also real estate brokers, so we understand all the legal issues involved. We will help you negotiate, review, and execute contracts to purchase 1031 Exchange Replacement Properties, and we will make sure that these contracts meet all of the legal requirements that are important for your 1031 Exchange.

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